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“More than half of Europeans favor legalizing cannabis, a new study shows - a bullish sign for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to capitalize on the industry’s growth.”

Bloomberg - April, 2022

Our Philosophy
The European Cannabis industry is in its infancy and paving a path dissimilar to the United States.  Teams are focused on implementing traditional healthcare structured solutions and nations are developing regulations that empower cannabis firms to succeed.

Distinct Experience

Hand on experience at every level of the supply chain.

  • Unique European deal flow from team members respected as pioneers in the region and advisors from the European Commission.

  • Healthcare operators and expertise with US and European experience in mental and neurological health

  • Extraction and manufacturing technicians innovating new medicines and applications

  • Venture capital and corporate finance experience investing in cannabis, technology, and healthcare

  • Retail development in three states US states with more than 30 locations

  • Greenhouse and Indoor cultivation design and development of new genetics and phenotypes in North America and equatorial regions

  • Lobbying and composing of legislation in European countries introducing cannabis



A team with over 30 years of combined operational cannabis experience with the knowledge to enter with proficiency the lucrative European cannabis industry with proficiency.  The Future Light Ventures team has the unique ability to improve, develop, and add value to any level of the cannabis supply chain and leverage the challenges they faced in the United States


Jason Sydney

Jason Sydney has developed manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in Humboldt, California and invested in cannabis operations throughout North America while at Blue Dream Capital.  He has consulted for international cannabis operations in Rwanda, Montenegro, and Jamaica.  Jason sits on the board for NORDx and is an alumnus of London School of Economics, HEC Paris, and NYU.

Alastair Moore

Co-founder of The Hanway Company drug policy venture studio and Hanway Associates cannabis advisory firm. He co-founded a psychedelic clinical research organization, Clerkenwell Health in 2021. He was co-founder and Managing Director of Cannabis Europa (exited 2019) and Creative Director at Volteface, the UK's first cannabis policy think tank.

Mary Headshot.png

Mary Buchzeiger

Crain’s Detroit Business Notable Women in Manufacturing (2019), National Association of Women Business Owners Top Ten Women in Global Business (2014).

Devin Quarles

A plant physiologist, pathologist, and production expert with 25 years of experience and an operating partner at the most respected cannabis fund in the world. He has focused for the last six years on cannabis cultivations and business operations across the United States, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, and the UK.

Russell Greenman

Extensive experience in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital, joint ventures, corporate governance and general corporate law.  He regularly advises cannabis and hemp businesses in navigating the intersection between state and federal law, general business representation, licensing, investment, regulatory compliance and intellectual property

Sheetal Tewari

Derivatives transaction counsel at Goldman Sachs in London, before becoming an Executive Director in the Investment Management Division. Management at Europe’s crisis fund in Luxembourg

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